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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post

Sure he is. He sucked.

But I agree with that other poster, his first half tenure wasn't bad. He didn't rebuild aggressively enough but at least he was building via the draft and showing patience.
You mean the first half of the tenure wasn't as putrid as the second half but it was putrid all the same. And i don't buy this passing the buck onto Gauthier's shoulders. You guys can't have it both ways. If you excuse Gainey for listening to Gauthier's counsel then you have to admit that Gainey is a poor judge of management talent so there's no way he should be in a management position. I loved him as a player and I think he's a decent fellow but so was Robinson but I wouldn't want him as GM.

Gauthier has been in place only two years. I agree he has shown himself to be incompetent but he also has had to deal with Gainey's ridiculous moves.

I've mentioned this a number of times. Timmins and his staff have done unbelievable work. Their picks could have helped stock the rosters of 2 NHL teams. And both Gainey's & Gauthier's tenures are now trying to prove that Timmins and his staff can stock the rosters of a half dozen teams.

With Timmins as head scout and a nimrod like Milbury as GM I think we would have been SC contenders. That's how little I think of Gainey's and Gauthier's work and how highly I value Timmins and his staff.

And i have a sick feeling that the new GM will send Timmins packing. I know McGuire has been critical of our drafting on a number of occasions. If I were Molson, that would be my first question to all the GM candidates. What do you think of Timmins? The slightest hint of criticism and I would cross the bugger off my list of possible GMs.

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