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11-16-2003, 03:37 PM
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I think it's impossible to tell who a coach or GM has ruined because there's no crystal ball out there that says if you do X, Y and Z, this guy will turn out to be a star. The potential is unknown when a kid is 18, so to say he becomes a bust as a result of being 'ruined' may not be fair since said player may never have been anything if brought along 'properly'.

So, the real question would be who has Sather developed, and how does he compare to his peers during that same period of time? Further, realize that other GMs (and coaches) may get more out of marginal prospects than the Rangers may get out of 'blue chip' prospects. So...what current Ranger has come up through the system in this, Sather's fourth season, and is now a bona fide NHLer?

Aside from Lundmark, the bust, what 22 year old or younger is currenly on the roster and has played more than 10 games?

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