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11-16-2003, 04:43 PM
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If I had to chose who would I call up right now the answer would be easy...Pleks. Ask me in 2 years and the answer may be different. None of us know how well Pleks will look in the NHL and will depend on who his linemates are and how much ice-time he will get. Same would apply to Perez once he is ready.

Crazy_NiNe you bring up an excellent point with King and that he is performing very well even though he wasnt touted as a top prospect. He may have just been the right guy to put between the Sedins and its showing. If he was playing for the Habs playing with Perrault and Audette would you think he would have 10 goals right now?

The key is to judge a player as to what he can do for the team and if he can fit a role. In regards to Pleks and Perez it will come down to whether we are in need for a gritty 2-way Center or a winger that has alot of potential to scoring alot of points in the NHL.

Hopefully with Perrault and Audette gone next year we could use them both

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