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11-16-2003, 04:01 PM
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Help Needed!

i posted this in the penguins section and i did find some help... but im looking for a little help with HTML and coding for sites...

we still are also looking for more writers to... here is what i posted in the peguins section:

ok. i run a site called the igloo.. u may of seen the link posted on here be4.. well we are desperately in search of fans that would wanna write for the site... its part of a network of fansites on sports infinity.. i run it for sports infinity for free.. so why dont we take advantage of this great space they are giving us penguin fans and turn it into a great site.. i have been updating it... but i cant do it all myself!! and im starting to think im just wasting my time... we have a guy from these boards who is helping us with all new graphics..

but the main thing is we need DEDICATED WRITERS... i can't run it myself.. and i would hate to see this site go to waste...

so please post on here or e mail me if u can help out.. my e mail is also when u e mail me tell me if u have any knowlege of html code or if u worked on sites be4