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03-20-2012, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
You see ? you are doing it! (over-glorifying goalie, and overvaluing their role)

Without a Price, 27 teams are doing better than us.

With a Price allowing us to win almost every night, we are having one of the worst season in Montreal history.

And when Price isnt between the pipe, commentator says ''Without Budaj tonight we lose 8-2''

Yes Price give us a chance to win every night, so do most of the NHL goalies. If we didnt had Price and had A cheap UFA like Theodore he would also give us a chance to win every night.

I remember all the comment about Brygalov was the only reason Phoenix was competitive, Vokoun was the soul of Florida.
Well the life without them doesn't sound too bad .
Dude... he gives us a chance to win games almost every night he plays. That's not overhyping him.

We lose a lot of close games. I've heard people criticize him for not stealing enough games... well, you have to SCORE to win. And we haven't been good at scoring for a long freaking time. It's only now that we have a legit first line that's been put together and we're finally starting to see pucks go in. How many times have we been badly outplayed but still in the game? How many times have we had scoring chances that don't go in? Even when we outplay the other clubs our scorers STILL haven't been able to put pucks in the net.

Look at post #35 in this thread... we live and die by our goalies man. When you can't score your D and goaltending has to be good to win you games and we've had that. For the past decade we've usually been in the bottom third in scoring. We're offensively challenged and have been for a long time. That puts a hell of a lot of pressure on your goalie to be perfect. How many times has Price been our first star? Even when we lose he's still usually our best player.

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