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03-20-2012, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
That's downright false about the blame. A LOT of blame was directed at the defense as well; but, Bryz also let in a LOT of soft goals and utterly failed to bail out the defense for a couple months at a time. When nearly every defensive mistake is ending up in the back of the net if it results in a shot on goal, the problem lies with the goalie too, and he had zero benefit of the doubt. He was bad. Now, he's cut that crap out and he covers for the D's mistakes routinely and as one would expect.

I still think he's probably going to be a mistake. The contract is HORRIBLE, and becomes an albatross if he isn't as durable as Brodeur. That's a tall order. Signing any 31 year old for 9 years is a mistake. Trim 4-5 years off of it and it changes everything.
There was almost NO blame directed at the defense. I wouldn't have argued (at some point i gave up) as much if that were the case. come on. you know. admit it. it fine. you were wrong. everyone makes mistakes. am i pissing you off? I'm kiddin. in reality who cares. as far as the contract goes, the length is obviously circumvention which is going to be short lived so "IF" it does pan out then we don't have to worry about signing a goalie for at least 6 years (after that, i with you on the brodeur durability thing) if he keeps going, nice. if not, well, i just don't' think there's gonna be an "if not". There's no point in complaining bout some argument from the future. like 9 years from now. he could be dead. that'll get us out of it.

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