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03-20-2012, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by sharks9 View Post
Looks like Campoli will be looking for a job overseas or in the AHL next year.
I'd like to know who are the guys Friedman spoke to. RC has never coached in the NHL, so it's kind of useless to know that never happened in the AHL.
In the NHL, within a couple of months, we've seen this current coaching staff have these ''discussions'' with Campoli, Gomez and PK. Twice it was RL, once RC, but in the end they are the coaching staff. Doesn't seem all that uncommon with them.

Originally Posted by sharks9 View Post
It was pretty nice to see our PK doing that great that game. Hopefully that keeps up next year even though we won't have Gill for the whole year.
Our PK has been doing great all year, nothing new. Whether it's 2 or 3 penalties, or 7-8-9, we take pride in killing penalties. It's the only thing we do better than others.
It has nothing to do with ''playing hard for RC''. That's BS.

Originally Posted by sharks9 View Post
Great to hear this about Markov. Our blueline will be so much more stable if he's healthy for all of next year. Imagine how many 3rd period leads we would've been able to hold on to if he had played more this year...
Yes, our blueline will be better with a healthy Markov. Everybody knew this.
Even with a few steps behind, he is still better than most. With another 2 handful of games+summer training+preseason next year, it'll help.
Originally Posted by sharks9 View Post
I don't really get this one. Shouldn't they let him play in the Worlds to gain that pace back? Or do they expect him to just get in shape by working out during the off-season? Weird...
Well, they are protecting their asset, pretty understandable. MaxPac was going to be cleared last POs had we made it to the 2nd round if rumors were true. A lot of people were saying to bench him even if we did go through and he was ready. Same thing here.
I personally don't really care whether he goes or not.

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