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03-20-2012, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by LeMAD View Post
So most of hockey fans must be haters, because, with the exception of a few hfboarders, there's not a lot of people in the league who have a high opinion of Andrei Kostitsyn.

Want it or not, he is a marginal player. You sign a Andrei Kostitsyn or a Rene Bourque because you don't have a good team, you don't have any other options, and you hope they'll have a breakout season.
Though if true, if you end up with a Andrei Kostitsyn or a René Bourque because you have a bad team, I'd take going after a guy that could be out as soon as next year instead of being attached to it for 4 more years. At one point, that Kosty's signing was made to fill a need, to see what he could do when reunited with his bro and frankly due to some of our ex-players success, to see if another of our ex could as well get it going. While the Bourque's acquisition made no sense, based on how much bashing he was getting, based on how a big guy that scored 20ish goals was not needed in a bad offensive team like Calgary, based on how poor our own success was with players who seems to continuously need a kick in the butt.

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