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03-20-2012, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
Beef, come on. The defense has been way better in front of him especially since the upgrade and high level of play from Grossmann. No goalie in the league is EXPECTED to mop up for an NHL team on a regular basis. Some goalies do and that makes them extroidenary. Some have in the past and then their traded to the Flyers and it takes them a couple seconds to figure out what the hell is going on. My point being that everyone jumped on him as if they didn't know who he was. Who is he? He sucks. How much did we pay him? That's what I heard. He blows, and were stuck with him FOREVER! The defense is playing NHL level again thus regaining his confidence allowing him to perform at his obvious superior level. There were many doubters. I was not among them. You know hockey. you know who he is and you were waiting. i get it. but if he stays this way, you must admit, he fits in quite nicely and he could be legendary for us. That's what i see. I also just downed a half a bottle of NYQUIL. Goodnight.

The defense has been improved, but it's still not exactly stellar. Most of our centers look lost on defense, which hurts. The difference is, Bryz has found his game and turnovers aren't routinely ending up in the back of the net like they were before.

No, no goalie is expected to clean up every single mistake every single night. But, Bryz wasn't really cleaning up any mistakes on any nights. Now he is.

As for being stuck with him forever...we are. You see how age might be catching up to Briere? Imagine what happens when Bryz goes through the same thing, which isn't terribly far off. If he had been signed for half the length it would be a good signing. At 9 years, he's gonna need to win a Cup to make that worthwhile when he declines.

Enjoy the Nyquil, that stuff is coma in a bottle

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