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03-21-2012, 01:02 AM
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Originally Posted by LAIslanderFan View Post
For all the *****ing we do about the Islanders, Toronto might be a worse franchise then the Islanders.
The Maple Leafs spend money and hire name coaches and the Islanders have been on par with them the last 5 years.

2006-2007 Islanders 92 points Maple Leafs 91 points
2007-2008 Islanders 79 points Maple Leafs 83 points
2008-2009 Islanders 61 points Maple Leafs 81 points
2009-2010 Islanders 79 points Maple Leafs 74 points
2010-2011 Islanders 73 points Maple Leafs 85 points

2011-2012 Islanders 71 points (73 games) Maple Leafs 72 points (72 games)
I liken the Leafs to the NY Mets. There is no damn reason why both franchises aren't models for their respective sports. But in baseball you hear people talk about how the Cardinals, Braves, Angels etc are such great franchises. In hockey it's the Devils and Red Wings.

Some clubs are just properly run. Others like the Mets & Leafs aren't. no matter how much opportunity there is for both clubs, they can't ever seem to get the hell out of their own way. Both clubs are looked at as laughing stocks. Not just because they don't win, but because they have no excuse as to why they can't build a winner.

With that said, I'd gladly trade John Tavares & our great prospect pool (which is all we really have) for their situation. Hell at least they know they'll still have a team in 2015. Christ, they know they'll still have a team in 2050.

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