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03-21-2012, 01:19 AM
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Anti-fighting fans how do you like this idea?

If you couldnt get you're way about removing fighting from hockey would this be a good substitute?

I know the whole head trauma argument is a good case made by you fans. So heres what I prupose

1. A limit on how many fights you can have in a season before heavy suspensions and fines. I dont know what a good number would be but lets say 10.

2. If you suffer a concussion in a fight you are not aloud to fight for the rest of the season. If the players concussion is so bad that it goes longer than a year then obviously until you are cleared to play. This would prevent doctors from clearing lesser end players quicker. Also have some independant doctors diagnose the players (I dont know if this is done or not already)

I think this would force teams to make sure they get the best 3rd and 4th line players available with the fear of their players not being able to fight after a concussion. I guess they could get an AHLer or something after a players concussion so maybe only original NHL rosters are aloud to fight unless they are brining up players that have a certain high degree of offensive production (then obviously they wouldnt be goons and not big fighters anyways)

All of these circumstances would then get rid of the so called goons which should lower staged fights which I believe many people hate anyways.

So this post can be made for anyone really not just anti fighters. I am very aware more and more people are viewing fighting differently. Surely there has to be a common ground?

I realize im probably going to get ripped apart on this as Im not very good at coming up with new ideas for the game. So be nice. Its just something Ive been thinking about that a middle ground should beable to satisfy the large majority of the fans.

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