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03-21-2012, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by The K Man View Post
It's impossible to even try to defend him, there are just too many haters of him.

I don't understand why anybody would say he isn't a number 1 d man. Looking at all the d-men with at least 40 points, either they are elite or purely offensive. Dion isn't purely offensive at all, not saying he's elite, but there's no way he shouldn't be considered a #1.

With his time as a Leaf he's mostly played with Aulie, who is right now playing 8 minutes a night on TB's blue line, and Gunnarsson who was not much more than a 4/5 D man last season, being a healthy scratch most of the time. Give Dion a legit #2 or even #3 to play with and he'll thrive.

I love seeing all the Leaf fans coming out now that the Leafs are playing like crap just to say Dion is terrible and Kessel needs to be traded.
40 pts constitutes a #1 dman? Common dude, the guy plays 25 mins a night.... Schenn plays half that quth no pp time and has 20 pts, does that mean he is a number 1?

Phaneuf can't play d, has below avg hockey IQ, and in most nights expecially last year he couldn't hit the net. He isn't a number 1 on a cup winning team for freakin sure. Hell will freeze over before Phaneuf is a top 1 even 2 dman on a cup team, this I bet my season tickets on.

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