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03-21-2012, 04:27 AM
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I don't get it, the staged fight is so dated and predictable, you just roll your eyes and go, here we go again, gotta waste 3 or 4 minutes watching 2 players play a game of ice dancing.

The ones that drive me crazy are the ones that happen behind a play and the goons don't even pay attention to the fact that their team is in the offensive zone and they had a chance to score. Am i the only one that gets annoyed by that?

There are enough fighting sports, i can watch boxing, i can watch MMA. I don't need to turn on my tv and see people fighting with skates on. How many fights are actually entertaining, or require any skill besides jersey pulling, fighting with a helmet or full visor on?

The game is stuck in 1970, no wonder it sucks at gaining viewership. Evolve or die. Hockey is seen as bush league in some circles because of the goon tactics that happen behind the play, the cheap shots and all the fake macho bravado. The NHL needs full clarification on the rules and not to let players get away with head shots and hitting from behind. You don't need a fighter to protect a player, you need the league to do it.

Let me ask you, do you think someone that gives another player a cheap shot and decides to drop his gloves and fight, do you really believe that after 2 minutes of dry humping that once the refs pull them off each other that the cheap shot artist player is going to be afraid to try again?

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