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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
If the tickets are real season ticket stock, even if they have voided barcodes you will have recourse. All of those tickets have the original owners account number on them and they (as in YOU if you are a season ticket holder) are responsible. I've had this happen a couple of times to me as a seller for Yankees tickets, when I sold someone tickets but forgot to take down the listing on stubhub that sold. My rep called me and said there was a guy in his office with my tickets that was denied admission. Each time I had to cough up the money for the closest available seats. The Rangers will do the same thing, the original ticket owner is 100% responsible and liable for what happens to their ticket stubs
Not so sure on that, at least with the Rangers. When I moved in the middle of the 2005-06 season, I misplaced my season ticket book. I called my rep to ask if I could get the tickets re-printed. He said all I needed to do was email the tickets to myself, and print. The originals would be voided. I explained I was worried about someone finding them, selling etc. Said not to worry about it.

Last year, at about 6:30, I couldn't find my tickets. Figured I left them at work. Went to a library, printed up new tickets, walked in, no problem. Got to work the next day, and the tickets were nowhere to be found. I definitely did bring them with me, and did have them in the car when I was driving to the game. Also searched the car, not in there. Had to have dropped them as I was walking or getting out of my car. If someone picked them up, sold them, not sure how the Garden can justify that I am responsible for that money.

About 10 years ago, one of my regular buyers gave my tickets to a friend. His friend got to the ticket taker and was denied. Came up on the scanner as "reported stolen". I know I never reported the tickets stolen. Anyway, my regular emailed me the next day after hearing from his friend. I called the season ticket office, told them the guy had to buy tickets in the 300's. The rep called me an hour later said I should stop by one of the windows and there would be an envelope with my name for a refund. The gave me cash for the 300-level tickets the guy had to buy. The Rangers had never contacted me saying there was a problem.

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