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... Of particular interest was LeBrun’s conversation with NHL vice president Colin Campbell regarding possible rule changes in the wake of the Rangers-Devils’ game-opening three-on-three brawl.

Campbell told LeBrun there’s a chance the NHL GM’s could adapt rules that would subject coaches to possible fines and players to possible suspensions for such early-game staged fights, just as there are rules governing fights in the final five minutes of a game. Coaches can incur up to a $10,000 fine and players can receive a one-game suspension for an instigator penalty.

“What we did with the competition committee coming out of the lockout, we crafted a new rule at the end of the game,” Campbell told “We put the onus on the coach and the player.

“If the GMs find this (Rangers-Devils’ fight) unacceptable, maybe we’d craft it the same way at the start of the game, put the onus on both the player and the coach,” Campbell said to “Or you’d have to find a current interpretation of the rulebook.”...
No fighting in the last 5 minutes of the game. No instigating a fight. No fights in the first 5 minutes of the game. What's next? Not more than one fight occuring at the same time. No fights after hits, no fights before the end of a period, no fights before commercials.

I have a shortcut. Here's NHL in 10 years:

No hitting, no fighting, huge goals, minimal protection for the goalkeepers... what's stopping the NHL already?
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Been a fan for over 10 years. Why do I have to defend myself anyway for not thinking like you?

Somehow the rest of the world manages to play the game without fights every game. But not in NA? Strange.
It must be hard following a team where a heated rivalry is the meaning of "those other teams in the division you really want a win against". Heck, even Columbus has a "rivalry" going on.

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