Thread: Speculation: Time to extend Fraser
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03-21-2012, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I don't mind what Fraser brings, but I think that there might be better options out there. Honestly with the big wingers in Nolan and Clifford that can grind it out, I think am UFA like Jim Slater that is fantastic defensively, wins faceoffs, great Pker, can chip in offensively is the perfect fit between those two much more than Fraser. I think Cliche on the farm might be that exact type of player as well.
As always, spot on buddy. If Fraser resigns, I'm ok with it. He's been solid for us for sure and I agree with what Herby said, identity is important.

That said, there are better option out there, and Fraser is a cast off that really Edmonton and LA didn't want which became a game of hot potato over who got stuck with him. He's been better than expected, but he hasn't been great or anything. He scored in his third game of the season I think and hasn't scored a goal since. We can get just as good of a player who can chip in a bit more offensively on that 4th line, and after the season we've had, who doesn't want more goals? I'd gladly take Slater over Fraser, though I think Fraser is a better 5-on-5 guy defensively than Slater.

Originally Posted by savemefromtears View Post
If you don't want Fraser back for $1 million and under then you are delusional.

That 4th line has brought it every game even though it doesn't show up on the scoreboard.
$1 million is to much. What he's getting now is to much, it should be around $650,000 per season. The guy hasn't scored a goal in like 55 games. Come on. Bring it or not, there are dozens of players in this league who bring parts, all or more than all of what Fraser brings for under $1 million annually.

I also don't think that A) the fourth line has shown up every game, and B) that Fraser is the glue guy making that 4th line run.

Frankly, Fraser is our Willie Mitchell up front. We love him because he rarely makes a mistake and brings what we expect most every shift. That's great, but when what we expect is seven points and a 55 game goalless drought while getting 9:39 a game in ice time (third worst on the team, just barely ahead of Kyle Clifford), we should be able to find a better option than Fraser for $1 million.

If he doesn't want to take a pay cut to the $750,000 range at least, axe him IMO.

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