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03-21-2012, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by KevFist View Post
I'd be going to the game as well, but I have some pretty big projects due soon.

As for the Jets....I've kinda come to peace with all that. It's not Winnipeg's fault. it's not the players fault. It's not TNSE's fault. It's not even Bettman/NHL's fault.

Want to place blame somewhere? Place it squarely on the Octoturds.

I've kinda disconnected myself successfully from the Jets. I don't wish them any particular ill will, I just view them the same as I would the Blackhawks or Islanders or Canucks. I have no idea how that team is playing this season as I haven't really paid attention to the East.

As for this game...It's a big "Meh" for me. It's one I had circled earlier this year, but now I've moved on. It's all about the gold to me now.
I can't let Bettman off the hook. To sit back and do nothing while renegade owners malign your brand in such an important market borders on criminal negligence. This was so much more than just mismanagement.

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