Thread: Injury Report: Anisimov gone long term?
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03-21-2012, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
Are you stuck in some kind of time funnel? Callahan is out? Stepan's out of gas? How'd they both wind up with two points last night then? Why are you complaining about Dubinsky after he had arguably his best game of the season last night? And what does any of this have to do with Anisimov's injury?
Anisimov provided secondary scoring. Take him out of the lineup long term and who comes up with his 14 goals this season? Did you read the OP's post? "Who's going to replace AA's offense?" Dubinsky and Fedotenko both have sing digit goals and are at a .12 g/g rate. Sean Avery has done better than that with a .2 g/g average over the 15 games he was here, with limited playing time and he's retired.

So Callahan has BEEN out, is it a coincidence that the team has had its longest losing stretches while their captain and 2nd leading goal scorer has been in and out of the lineup? I think not.

Prior to the game against the Devils, Stepan has had ONE point, an assist, in SIX games. There's a reason why the coaching staff pulled him from the top line and reunited Richards and Gaborik. Since mid February, over a month now, he's had a total of 8pts in 18 games. That includes a little spurt of 5pts in 4 games. The remaining 14 games he's gone scoreless. Find any other 18 game stretch we're his production was so low and you can't. His closest would be at the start of the season when the whole team played poorly for the first 7 games but even then he's in double digit points.

To be clear I don't fault Callahan or Stepan, you can't ask for anymore than what they've given.

Hooray Dubinsky has showed up on the scoresheet again, even played a solid game. So what's that 2 solid games in 2012 where he's put some pucks in? Considering he's got a rate of 1 goal per 10 games in 2012, that's worse then the season average which is just over 1goal per 8 games. Don't hold your breath waiting for another goal Brandon, he's good for about 9 more games. And yes, if he's not producing during that stretch, Bench Him! He can do more.

Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
Agree with this. He hasn't been putting up points recently because he was playing with plugs like Rupp, Scott, Prust, and Boyle who aren't there for their goal scoring abilities. He was good with Hagelin and is a decent fill-in guy. I'd rather him be a depth guy, but he's not a terrible option. He's also responsible defensively, which is exactly what Torts wants from his players. I don't mind Mitchell at all and think he provides a good level of talent to the roster. He's a more physical and better defensive version of EC, and that's the other reason EC was traded.
Correct, he's a fill-in and a depth guy. The problem is he's been relied on for more than that getting regular play because other players that I've already mentioned, haven't been getting it done. Solid forecheck, smart defensively and offensive production, is this not the same trifecta that Dubinsky brought to the table? It's like a seesaw, further down the lineup Dubinsky goes, the further up the lineup Mitchell goes and vice versa.

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