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Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
Look at their core, and then look at ours, look at their depth and then look at ours.

Neither does seguin have to play against a vezina trophy winner, nor does he have to play a norris trophy winner.

Kessel is third in goals, 4th in scoring point total, but look at those players and their respective team and then look at ours, they are in stacked teams with good talent around, what does kessel have? A top line winger in Lupul fortunately, and bozak who is a third line center in a really good team who has chemistry with them, imagine the spike if that was a top line center.

Nashville predators were also after kessel, do you know what they offered? A first rounder, and a secound rounder and jonathon blum(another first rounder). Kessel price is the right one, people are just seeing the worst of it and hell this trade isn't even done as its not panned out. It's like kessel is 30+, he is 24 for crying out loud. Did burke over-estimate the team when he came here? Yes but the price for kessel was the correct one, unfortunate the demise of our team is why people always fume.

I am proving the point that getting the first overall over and over and over again DOESN'T really increase your chance as people believe, i made it 13 year first overall span, if i was to make it 10 years it would be even shorter. If you call 23% a great chance to get the cup then really all the best to you, especially in a salary cap world, I would applaud any GM if they are able to do that. IF you are truly satisfied with non stop selecting first overall your ass should be fired. Hell I am going to be tentatively watching how long of an extension steve tambellini is going to get, because he's had a lot of top 10 pick with nothing to show for it.

You get good talent but you need depth from all parts of your team, not just one franchise player, if that was the case penguins should have been only able to win crosby right? Or just fleury? What about Nash? What happened there, he signed that extension but did it get him the cup ? The franchise the cup? No.

You draft for depth not and if you are lucky, franchise players, you use your depth to cushion your prospect development time and also use prospects and pick to get the right players in your team to spearhead you.
You have to go beyond points...Kessel is a great player but even when he's committed to defense, his line is just a defensive disaster.

As far as going and comparing the Bruins roster to the's not Seguin's fault that the Bruins are so talented. He probably thought he'd be going to a bad team when his last OHL year started...

Burke has failed to put together a supporting cast for Kessel. Seguin has everything in him to be that complete player, he's got great speed, great shot, great vision, isn't afraid to take hits or play on the boards.

Seguin will be a better player than Kessel in a year or two, and that doesn't necessarily mean he'll have more points than him (though that is entirely possible).

I don't blame Kessel, he is what he is and they knew everything about him before they got him from Boston. Burke on the other hand failed to put together a team mainly because it's nearly impossible to build a team around a winger unless he's Ovechkin or something.

If I had the chance to trade Kessel right now for Seguin and Hamilton, I'd do it in a millisecond even though I like Kessel.

Also, Peter Chiarelli was smart not to take Nashville's offer because the talent on the Leafs team is much lower than the talent on Nashville, they have a stud goalie, two stud defenseman, an amazing coach and well rounded and underrated offense. They would have got a #15-20 pick along with Blum and a 2nd which would have been highway robbery..

PC wanted Kaberle and Kadri (the pick not the player) @ the draft and he refused at that time..even that deal is highway robbery for the Leafs had they done it. Burke just overrated his players like he and Leafs fans have done to this point and the result ended up being Seguin, Hamilton and Knight.

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