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03-21-2012, 10:53 AM
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I see it as three main factors affecting my energy:

Caffeine (short term) - this affects my mental alertness, mostly for early or late games. Not more than a cup of coffee or a soda. Like someone said, more mental than physical, and too much makes you jittery and for me makes me anxious.

Diet (mid term) - this fuels the game or workout. Diet over a few days is the biggest consideration. If I'm out drinking the night before, I'm usually pretty bad, but if I've been eating right for a week, I have lots of energy throughout, especially late in the game.

Conditioning (long term) - this affects how quickly I become worn down and how quickly I recover. The better shape I'm in, the more I recover and the better I am after long shifts or late in the game. Think about avoiding the burn and being able to do those quick starts/stops and attack the puck carrier after being stuck out on the ice for an entire PK in your end.

Caffeine or energy drinks are just a quick fix that wear off and don't help all that much. Diet you can clean up and notice a difference within a few days. Conditioning though takes several weeks to start making a difference, but it makes the biggest difference overall.

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