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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
IIRC a full liquor license allows you to sell from 8AM to 10PM Monday-Saturday. The "Malt Liqour License" or whatever it's called allows you to sell from 8AM-10PM Monday-Saturday and 12PM-10PM Sunday.

As far as selling liquor on Sundays, outside of border cities, liquor stores are largely against it. With the exception of border cities when you can jump over to Superior or Fargo to get your booze on Sundays, there's no benefit to them to be open on Sundays. People are aware enough that they purchase in advance for the most part (in excess, which offsets those missed Sunday sales) so there's no significant sales increase from being open the additional day. They also don't have to pay anybody to work the store on Sundays because no one else is open to compete with, so it's actually cheaper for the law to force them closed. Rescinding that law was proposed this year, but I never heard anything more after that so I assume it was either tabled or defeated.
Interesting. I suppose it makes sense in a way because most people do have their booze before, and just know to grab it on Friday or Saturday, besides, there's not much point in being open past 11 since everyone is usually out already.

Not that we sell much alcohol in a grocery store (Who drinks 3.2 beer?), but just kind of annoying to deal with since we stay open until 10:30.

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