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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I'm glad we both agree that DD's obvious intent here is to toe the company line, as any player in the NHL would.

I suggest picking up Les Canadiens magazine for other in-depth, hard-hitting scoops.
After we were knocked out by the Flyers in our cinderella run, I remember it being reported that players went to BG requesting we add size and toughness to the team. Let me be clear, I want guys who can play 8-10 minutes, not be a liability, bring energy, and be able to hit alot. In addition to all that, being willing and able to fight would be good. And no, if a player brought the rest of it to the table I wouldnt dump him just because he couldnt or wouldnt fight. People here have discussed Staubitz and Im on the fence with him because though he fights and seems ok at it, and importantly does hit, hes only getting 5 min or so , whereas Blunden is trusted enough to get double that. Staubitz needs to prove he can play regular shifts. To me the most important thing he did was when Malone went nuts on Emelin, Staubitz grabbed Malone , even though he was on the bench. I read on these Boards that Emelin has a plate in his face from a fight a few years ago and dont think it would have been good for him to have taken any punches there, which I think is why Emelin wouldnt drop them. You need players to step up for their teammates like Staubtiz did.

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