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03-21-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by superroyain10 View Post
A little scrutiny goes a long way.

TMac has taught Thornton to become a complete, two-way player. Not at all easy. He's been instrumental in the development of Pavelski and Couture as well...he is definitely "instructing".

The article criticizes the coach for not shuffling the lines or changing the strategy in-game. Yet the coach has been doing that all the time. He is constantly shuffling the lines and adjusting the matchups. He has also taken accountability for the team. He also can recognize that if the team has run into a hot goaltender, but is dominating play, your best bet is too keep dominating play until you score. See Nashville/Rinne a couple of nights ago.

How does the author know that TMac is not motivating the players? He is definitely holding them accountable; benching players, scratching players.
he didn't teach him anything, thornton always had the 2 way forward in him, just most the teams he played for he was needed more to be dominating offensively then defensively. mclellan and babcock (more so babcock) explained to thornton to win in the league he needs to becoming more of a 2way player then a 1 way player.

thornton came into the league, and was coached by a coach who preached 2way play. its why thornton took the long way to becoming a dominate threat that he has been the past 7 years. he came in slow playing 4 minutes a night on the 4th line, learning the defensive side of the game, then his 2nd year in the league, moved up to the 3rd line, playing 15 minutes a night, then his 3rd year got the 1st line center job in boston and ran with it for the next 4 years before being traded to san jose.

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