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03-21-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by PhoneGuy View Post
Witnessed a strange experience as the dear wifey and I were walking down to the arena the other night. A guy was walking up the sidewalk, asking if anyone needed tickets. A couple walking beside us started talking to him, and the guy said he could probably get them tickets center ice for x amount, etc. Well, we get down to the corner of Fifth and Broadway where the scalpers are, and the guy walks up to the scalper and wants to know what he has, and that he's "representing" the couple. I don't know how much he charged his "clients" to interact with a scalper, but just found it strange that someone would try to do that. I pay you a fee to negotiate ticket prices with a scalper...uhh..ummm..yeah...
Maybe he works with the scalper to whom he was speaking

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