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03-21-2012, 12:42 PM
Speedy Sanderson
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I do have a question for the peeps that are still religiously attending the games this late into the season from hell. What is an honest assessment of the arena atmosphere lately?[/QUOTE]

Not too much different than at other points this season. I'm amazed that the place isn't completely empty. Fans seem resigned to the fact that the Jackets suck and many seem to be at the game just for something to do. I've always contended that at least 50% of the crowd at a Jacket game isn't really concerened one way or another about the outcome - the Jacket game is just a jumping off point before hitting the bars in the Arena District, or they got tickets from their employer and it's just a night out. The music selection has gotten better, the games that are played during the timeouts are juvenile, and the food and drinks are overpriced as ever.

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