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03-21-2012, 12:51 PM
Morris Wanchuk
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Originally Posted by FLA View Post
Exciting? Maybe, to people who like violence.
Doesn't bring anything to the game itself though.
You can't argue against an American in something involving violence. I give up.

Watch UFC/wrestling instead and let us hockey fans enjoy a fast paced, hard fought game of hockey.
Yea except for the fact junior leagues in the USA don't allow fighting, but those in Canada do.

Fighting is what makes rivalry more entertaining than another sport, the fact that you can assault your rival. To me its a very gratifying feeling, seeing your team be able to go after a player on the other team without massive fines and suspensions.

Maybe use fans from Boston were raised differently, as we hang #24 int he same row as #4, but fighting is part of the game I love. I don't need fighting to be entertained, but I do need to potential for one to happen.

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