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03-21-2012, 01:04 PM
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Absolutely. After all, we fans are being paid millions of dollars to watch the game and cheer on the players, so anyone can see how hypocritical we are in. . . Oh wait, we're actually paying to watch them, and us doing so is what allows the players to earn their high salaries? Huh. . .

Seriously, I can see how anyone might think that it would be better if the fans didn't heckle the team and get on the players so much, but fans are in no way hypocritical by voicing their displeasure after paying hard earned money (and higher ticket prices than most, if not any other, teams) and spending their time to be treated to substandard play. It would even be one thing if fans got on the team after just a few losses. But this is 7 years without playoffs now, collapse after collapse after collapse, with this one now being relatively epic in proportion. Fans absolutely have the right to voice their displeasure, and while players are of course human, this kind of pressure and attention comes with the territory when you're playing at the highest level of hockey in the world and being paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for it. They're certainly not being paid that much to just have fun out there, or need to be coddled and protected from the media, they're professionals that are paid to win so that the fans are happy and in turn, support the team financially.

And because I can see it coming, the argument of "if you don't like it, stop watching / being a fan" is nonsense in this case. First because just because people boo the team doesn't mean they've given up on them forever or want to stop watching games - they just want improvement, so that their favourite team can finally have some success. And second, without fans, the team couldn't exist period. The Leafs are just in an enviable position though in that no matter how bad they are, they always have tons of financial support. All in all, I am still a Leafs fan even if I'm disappointed at our past and present lack of success, and I think labeling fans of being "hypocrites" for wanting calling for improvement of a team that's perpetually disappointing is absolute ********.

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