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Originally Posted by Edgeworth View Post
The easy answer to this is:

Why the **** should we?

We pay these people our hard earned salaries. Each player, coach, GM and assitant GM makes near million or millions. They deserve no pity because "oh they couldn't put it together."

Toronto fans have every right to be angry. This team was being torn down and everyone was ready to accept it, Burke comes in and then generalizes the fanbase saying that they don't like boring hockey (But the Pat Burns era is put on a pedestal by Leaf fans) that we don't need a boring traditional rebuild (but we all wanted it) and that in 3 years he could turn the team into a playoff contender.

He failed, the owners failed, the players failed. The owners should have played a bigger role, either have Tenanbaum or someone be the head of that conglomerate and tell Burke what they expect. This is a very loud fanbase that demands a lot, having that one voice where it matters needed to happen and it didn't.

Ontop of that people are right to start calling out Burke. It's been 4 years, probablly going to be 5 years under him with no elite talent outside Kessel with no visible outlook of this team. He isn't going to trade Kessel or do what he needs to shift this roster into what it must be to get the team on the right path. So yeah fans should heckle him.

Players don't deserve any sympathy either. Boo them, heckle them, cheer them who cares? They are being supported, as well as much of the league, by Toronto Maple Leaf fan's dollars. We deserve a championship team. Absolutely nothing can dispel that. We're paying millions upon millions to MLSE and they aren't being assertive nor is Burke and just doing what needs to be done. It's bad business but ultimately, and I know I'm turning into that fan, they aren't willing to upset anything becuase they know fans will keep coming. That pressure in wanting to succeed or pride for your local team isn't present. You don't get that when you're owned by corporations, this isn't like Mark Cuban or Eugene Melnyk coming out and bragging about their team, wanting to get better. They want to appease Leaf fans, not see their product do great. And that's why we're here today. Because no one is jumping ship, no one is stopping themselves from going to the games or buying the LeafsTV packages or new jerseys so MLSE can sit back and say "yeah Burke we believe in you keep going." And the only way its going to get across is from unbelievable pressure from fans or media. But coordination in either A) staying away from Leaf games and devoiding MLSE of your money or B) Chanting "Good Job Burkie" at the ACC probably won't happen.
Sure boo and heckle and jeer and throw out personal attacks on players and coaches and GM's. Let their family members know also. You have that inalienable right because you bought tickets or merchandise or paid for Leafs TV.

Just don't act surprised when no one wants to work or play in Toronto.

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