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03-21-2012, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by FLA View Post
Exciting? Maybe, to people who like violence.
Doesn't bring anything to the game itself though.
You can't argue against an American in something involving violence. I give up.

Watch UFC/wrestling instead and let us hockey fans enjoy a fast paced, hard fought game of hockey.
Don't say hard fought.. i don't like the connotation I love violence or at least the threat of especially when one another team puts out a line that has some tough guys and then you match them with your own. I see that you have the flag of sweden for your location or whatever. Maybe you should watch the swedish elite league or whatever it is. I hear theres is no fighting there so you can watch your clean game if ya want.

Originally Posted by Therick67 View Post
Why can't we enjoy both? It's been part of the league since its birth. Why should it change? because you don't like it. I've put out plenty of cash to see the Bruins play over the years and they've been my passion since I was 6 years old. I like it in the game.
Because liberals and annoying media types tell us this is how the game will never get popular. I have personally stopped giving a **** about certain people not getting into hockey. Also i've stopped giving a **** about people *****ing about the violence in hockey. Derek Sanderson said it best "hockey is a violent sport, played by at times violent men. Don't like it, change the channel to tennis"

Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
Yea except for the fact junior leagues in the USA don't allow fighting, but those in Canada do.

Fighting is what makes rivalry more entertaining than another sport, the fact that you can assault your rival. To me its a very gratifying feeling, seeing your team be able to go after a player on the other team without massive fines and suspensions.

Maybe use fans from Boston were raised differently, as we hang #24 int he same row as #4, but fighting is part of the game I love. I don't need fighting to be entertained, but I do need to potential for one to happen.
I always find it funny when other fans say that boston fans just want to see fights.. I love watching the game of hockey no matter whos playing and what type of game it is. I love the olympics and playoff hockey and there isn't much fighting involved. But what happened between the devils and rangers was awesome and whoever doesn't like than I don't really care for their opinion. This isn't a street brawl or a dude getting jumped outside the bar down the street. Its between 6 dudes that are equally matched in fighting prowess.

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