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03-21-2012, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Gatorade View Post
30% of the fans on this board alone voted to have him fired. That is a significant percentage that is rising. Just read these boards and you will see that many fans are very close to looking for change and 30 percent have already stated they want it now.

That's what happens when the GM is the face of the club and he publicly states how he builds his team and what his intentions are. Burke didn't say things like be patient. He said he has no patience himself. He was very specific with his impatience and didn't mince words. So why should the fans be patient when the GM has stated isn't and that he has done it before so therefore will do it again?
30% of the fans on this board who bothered to vote in the poll. 70% of those same fans don't want him fired.

You say it is rising. Do you have anything to back that claim up?

And do you really think it this board is representative of the Leafs fanbase as a whole? I certainly don't. I think the noisy lunatic fringe of Leafs Nation has a much higher presence on these boards than amongst other gathering of Leaf fans and personal, i think they have driven away a number of the more rational posters.

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