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Originally Posted by wandering goat View Post
What is this even supposed to mean? My point is that without fans, a team would not be able to exist, as simple as that. Fans are the entire reason that sports can exist on a professional level, they are where all the money stems from. Without a doubt, a players skill, training, and hard work is what gives them value, but without people willing to pay to watch them play, they would need a day job, and would never have the incentive to develop their game anywhere near the point that they have.

And this line of logic is ridiculous, which I sarcastically pointed out in my first paragraph. We are not professionals being paid to support their team, and in fact exist on the other side of the spectrum, supporting the players livelihoods financially, so holding us to the same standard as we hold the team is simply absurd. It's a step above responding to someone criticizing a player by saying, "I'd like to see you play better."
The entire sport exists for the fans. I've never denied that. A government is nothing without people, an engine is pointless without fuel, and the mind is useless without the body.

However, like each of the things listed above, it goes both ways. They co-exist. If one is not working well, the other falters.

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