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03-21-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by BleedingBlueSince92 View Post
This is a terrible move for the Jets. You trade a 4th rounder plus $$ (since he makes a lot with 1st rd contract) for a guy who will only see the field a few plays, cause even more media coverage, more pressure on the team.

If wild cat is such an important, missing piece to the Jets offense, than you have much bigger problems. They obviously don't trust Sanchez as their starting QB to get the job done by himself. They SHOULD be looking for a long term replacement for Sanchez instead of what they have done.

Lets recap... The Jets 'pass' on Peyton, make Sanchez one of the highest paid QBs in the NFL, trade for Tebow.

It's either Tannenbaum is the worst GM in NFL history, or the Jets have a major Napoleonic complex.
So glad I was raised a NYG fan.

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