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03-21-2012, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Ometheus View Post
My simple statement stands: berating the team does nothing more than step on them while they're drowning. I am not saying cheering for them will result in automatic success, but doing anything else will drag us away from it.

If you're interesting in winning, then cheer and support.

If you're so jaded and furious with the past, things we can't change, that you can't do that, then that's all you are.
Not sure if you realize it, but I think the reason you're getting a lot of opposition is because you're belittling anyone who has a different point of view than you, calling them hypocrites and suggesting they're not fans if they don't think like you do. If you wanted to simply suggest that you think that the team will do better if fans don't boo and complain, you could have done it without the jabs at all the people who do express frustration with the team and received a much better reception.

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