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Originally Posted by uncleodb View Post
When you are doing the dragging motion, are you also pushing down on your stick at the same time to flex (load) it? I can't seem to get that much power into my shot and wondering if i'm doing it wrong.

I try to drag the puck, stop for a split second to create that bit of separation from the blade and puck, then transfer my weight to my right foot (i'm a righty) and then do the push pull action. When I do my weight transfer, I'm kinda leaning down on my stick.

I don't try to flex my stick all that much, just a little pressure with my bottom hand against the ice. I drag the puck in out of habit, sometimes a lot to change the angle on the goalie, and also because I use a Sakic curve with a higher lie and lots of rocker and like to shoot off the more open part when I cup it.

There was a point in time a couple years ago where I was trying to really lean into the stick and rip the shot HARD. I worked with goalies I knew and would take shots and get their feedback. They kept saying "you have a hard, quick shot" and did you notice any difference "not at all".

I think from there I figured out it wasn't so much the velocity I was getting but telegraphing the release, i.e. trying to shoot in stride. I made the adjustment late in the summer to focus on getting rid of the puck as quickly as possible and I've more than doubled my scoring this year even after moving up and facing harder competition.

When I have time and space, like a breakaway or a 2-on-1 where the D-man is cutting off the pass, I liked to be aggressive in my stance and make them think at any point in time I'm going to shoot. I like to do tiny movements to throw them off, like moving the puck from in front to behind my blade, opening up the face slightly and then closing, a tiny stick handle/shoulder/head move, etc ALL FROM A SHOOTING POSITION i.e. puck at my side. I also get in a lot closer than I used to, shooting from below the hash marks rather than the top of the circles which every coach used to tell me to do. So I get in tight, try and back them up, try and freeze them or get them to go down, and then shoot as fast as I can get rid of the puck at any opening I see.

When I don't have time and space, like when the defenseman is coming back and I'm being pressured, it's just skate to the net as fast as I can and either try and knock it in off either pipe, five hole, or bar down at the corner. I almost never aim or think, just get close to the net and get rid of it.

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