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11-16-2003, 05:40 PM
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when exactly was lindros a man possesed in training camp? i dont remember that. in fact i remember him slumping through the preseason and not getting too much going before the injuries hit.

BTW our best forward will be wearing a different uniform in 9 months when both the NYR and him realize it's not gonna work.

As for Jar Jar's question from earlier, i look at it like this. Go through all the names of young players who have come through the organization over the past few years and see how many are here and see what is happening to those who still are.

Let's go through it shall we .

Mike York - Traded to Edmonton for a defenseman who I wouldn't even trade up for

Kim Johnsson - defenseman involved in the Lindros deal. Also included were Hlvac and Brendl who easily could have fetched more than a brain damaged center. OF course the same goes for

Manny Malhotra- a joint effort with another Sather buddy, Muckler. Wow i could write a book about the way this one was handled. Ironically like the Lindros trade, all that Malhotra and Hesiten could fetch was a trade with Martin Rucinsky as the center piece. Shows you how far they fell while the rangers were "handling" them.

But of course it doesn't matter because two years later we hear the same questions coming from

Jamie Lundmark - a forward whose mistakes are reasons for benchings and punishment and whose excellence is reasons for.....well....benchings and punishment. But hey 2 minutes a game is better than zero minutes which is what we gave to

Dan Blackburn - thurst into the starter and just as quickly thrust into the corner of the bench in another "Throw it against the wall and see what sticks" development approach by the rangers. but afterall they needed to make the playoffs or else Jim Dolan might look like an idiot for guranteeing anything. But still he got more of a shot than

Roman Lyashenko - A sad story but what does it also say that you can claim a prospect "died before getting a legit shot with the rangers". That's not meant as a joke, it's meant as a startling truth.

Of course 3 assists in a game wont earn your a spot, even if you are

Dominic Moore- so how old does he have to be to get a shot? he's already 23, so should he be 25? 26? At the very least he was a good college player which is more than i can say for

Lee Farladeau - who has shown me nothing in college thus far. at least i know i wasn't the only whose jaw dropped and the rangers took this "center" instead of one named Stoll back in 2002. Stoll btw is looking pretty good with Anson's old buddy Ryan Smyth.

But hey we need people who want to be here right? Anson certainly fits the bill better than say Zidlicky who refused to sign. I mean why wouldn't you want to sign here as a young defenseman. With such imoveable defenseman like Malakhov and Poti. I'm sure he wasn't scared by the handling of

Tomas Kloucek - who after getting hurt spent half of his comeback season trying to figure out what the heck the coaching staff wanted him to do. But again it's so easy when you get benched all the time and never have the chance to work out the kinks. But you can't have too many kinks in the armor which is exactly why we had no room for

Rico Fata - a speedy forward who was a work in progress. of course it's kinda hard to show what you can do what with sandy mccarthy and ted donato. he goes to pittsburgh gets a chance and {shock value} he actually is a pretty descent NHL'er.

But hey we wouldn't even be bothered to play

Jeff Heerema or
Sheldon Keefe

in a real game.

Why would you, when you can play Pascal Rheaume as a starter?

Here's an idea lets take a kid who is doing good in Hartford like

Chad Wiseman

and let's call him up for a day, and never play him.

But it doesnt matter we are bigger, stronger and faster {Despite what the record shows of course} and some excellent goaltending has nothing to do with our wins. I mean the rangers are putting on a clinic for the rest of the league right? aren't they?

We truly have turned the corner, we've gone from Bad Ave. to Worse St., and we're in the middle of Nowhere City.

Of course even the honestly marginal college players we've collected over the past few years doesn't exactly inspire one to be happy. i mean sather can always be fired and then blame their "lack of progress" on the fact that he wasnt there to welcome the ECHL.

If we are talking about isolated incidents that is one thing but this team has missed the playoffs since 1997, maybe, just maybe, after 3 coaches and a ton of different players, it's time to start looking at the man who "put" the "team" together.

But why would, i mean his fastball has only been lacking for what? 13 years now? still plenty of time to pull one of the hat right?

there is a reason that oiler fans arent exactly crying about his departure on their boards.

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