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02-15-2006, 04:51 PM
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...stevenson signed a two way deal in the off season..i assume that two way deal limited his minor league salary to 50K....which means he wouldn't have to clear waivers on re-call, only on the way, there has to be something else to this... there is a rule limiting the number of "veteran" players on the roster of ahl teams that might have figured into this... or poile might simply have decided to re-enter him thru waivers with the hope that someone else took him and his minor league salary off our hands, knowing we'd lose him at year end anyway and knowing we weren't going to us him anyway and therefore giving more playing time to true prospects..

or there might of course be a "wink,wink" deal in the works and this is sort of a "future considerations" type deal

add in the recall of pivko this afternoon and it makes me think somehow they're all connected to some deal going down as soon as the break is over (some will question well why recall pivko now if we have a trading freeze until after the olympics?.. but the answer for that could be as simple as a trade is done, and now we don't want to risk pivko being injured before the freeze is lifted and thereby voiding the done deal).. somethings up

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