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03-21-2012, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by pshort View Post
Thanks. I never thought to put it around the plate/screws.... I have been cutting the pads so that the soft "massaging" part goes on top of the screws. Thought that it might fill in the gaps between the screws - looks like a washboard down there! I will definately try your method.

Yeah, sounds like you need the hardware out! I know I am. Of course, I have to wait till I am all built back up again and living a "normal" hockey existence and then get them taken out. I have heard that it only takes approx 6 weeks to heal once you get them taken out and should be able to walk on the day of surgery. It is supposed to give you more movement as well.

Sounds like you have been through a HUGE ordeal for a while! Is it sore on a daily basis? My ankles are always soooo stiff in the a.m. and take a while to get them warmed up with a few painful exercises. At what point did you get used to your superhero powers of weather prediction?

Good luck on the hardware removal! If yours goes well, it'll give everyone else hope!
Honestly the pain has been quite minimal after the first 6 months. aside from what i mentioned of the scar opening, i feel no pain really.

My ankle was hurting a few weeks back unexpectedly and it was during a time when i had a 2 week break between games so i know i didnt over stress it. Not sure what caused it but the ankle feels great again.

About a year after surgery i would wake up stiff some mornings but i haven't felt any of that since. Maybe in a blue moon itll just feel "weird" but nothing like i can tell if there's going to be rain or anything. I am scared about the arthritis i will develop in a few years and i've been told flat out i will need an ankle replacement or have mine fused, but that is when i finally stop playing. I'm not even supposed to be able to play hockey so the doctor was amazed at how well my ankle has held up!

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