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02-15-2006, 05:58 PM
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reading a story from dallas, looks like we actually did lose stevenson on re-entry waivers...if this is true when we signed him to a two way contract the minor league amount must have been for greater than 50K (which i fail to understand why we would have done this to begin with)

my fear is this....that we had worked out a trade with some other club for both pivko and stevenson for player X... that we then decide to call both stevenson and pivko up now so as to avoid the risk of them being injured in the AHL until the trade ban is lifted in the NHL next week...

this would mean we either failed to realize stevenson would have to clear wavers coming up (something i find hard to believe we would not know), or that we knew he would have to but decided to risk it anyway...

of course the worrisome thing here then wouldn't be that we lost stevenson for who we had no plans for anyway...but instead would be that this could somehow jepordize any done deal that had been made for those two..

of course, there's always the possibility that the texas paper has the re-entry thing wrong, and that the organization was just willing to say bye-bye to stevenson no matter (doubtful i admit)... or that dallas simply sniffed out a potential deal we had in the works and was trying to sabotage it (possible, because dallas appears to have no real spot or need for stevenson, as they will have to send someone down to make this deal go thru)... or that it's still all part of some master plan wink,wink deal and stevenson really is part of some "future considerations" before the rest of the deal is announced

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