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Originally Posted by Ometheus View Post
The Hypocrisy

I've noticed recently that the majority of the fanbase are blatant hypocrites.

I say this because the MLSE fanbase (from here on, referred to as 'we', because I am apart of all of you) call out the athletes-the competitors- for savagely crumbling when the going gets tough...

Yet we, as observers, cannot even bear to watch it without breaking down into a giant pile full of sadistic turmoil. We break apart and start bickering with each other, and lose both our drive and unity as a fanbase. Twist it into something harmful. We fracture like a window into broken glass.

Gather our skirts and take the hits like men

All the commentary--the media--the chants--the I-know-better-improvement rants; they have all only built up our sense of entitlement and suffocated both our team's confidence and drive.

In this atmosphere, we know for certain the media and commentary gets back to the players-- in one form or another. We're doing damage in our collapse as a fanbase. We have a habit to complain and hate for better or worse. Toughen up as fans, and try to cheer for better or worse.

If we want the team, the organization, to straighten their backs and fight with a fire, maybe we should light that fire under them--NO! not with our critic-hate-ridden complaints. With fiery support and the will to push the team forward.

How about when our champ is knocked down onto the mat, we not heckle and mock them for falling. We cheer and support them, encouraging them to stand back up and embolden their hearts.

A million people baying for blood can shrink you. A million people calling out support can motivate you to win.

That's what we want, right?

To win.
This should be said to the players on the ice. They play like 5 year old girls.

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