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11-16-2003, 06:29 PM
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What about;

* minimize the role of the center line
* move the blue lines 2 feet closer to center ice
* eliminate the two-line pass rule completely
* insert a three-line pass rule
* Give whistles to the officials whose job it is to call off-sides, and let them enforce obstruction penalties in the neutral zone
* Move the creases back towards the boards 3 inches at each end of the ice to promote more shot angles and keep play from slowing down behind the net

Something I have also wondered for a long time now is why can't the NHL take advantage of the "blurred puck/puck on fire" technology FOX Sports brought in several years ago and put it towards something productive? My idea is that there has to be away to install sensors in the nets such that the sensor will only trigger WHEN THE PUCK AND ONLY THE PUCK crosses the goal line. The cost of the technology would off-set the cost of the employees hired to manage the siren, and over time it'd be cost-conducive as well.


* Regular season games need shootouts.

Reason: I'm one of the guilty Islanders fans who're no longer season ticket holders. But why should I be. I don't want to go to one out of every other game, and have one out of every other game I end up going to end in a tie. That means I basically paid for only 10 games. Sorry, but ties really piss me off. None of my friends like ties either. We also cannot seem to get into the overtime much... know it's only five minutes and knowing the golden rule of hockey is it's incredibly hard to score in the first and last minutes of a period, that gives usually only three minutes for both teams to score. Sorry, as a fan I have to say that's not sexy.

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