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03-21-2012, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Eyeblink View Post
A Red Wings fan here, coming in peace..

I loved the game. The Wings got a point so it's better than nothing. Could've gone either way during the regulation already. I was certain that the puck would take a bad bounce off the boards during the last minute as Conks was spending so much time off his crease. I think that this matchup could be a very potential SCF matchup, if we even make the playoffs..

Anyway it was real intense especially during the 3rd and I just wanted to say that you were a tough opponent, liked it. Have a good rest of the season y'all!

EDIT: A double post in separate threads. I'm dumb.
You guys had me ******** my pants every time you were in the offensive zone. Great game, Wings looked very deadly even with a third of the roster injured. Hope you guys do well in the playoffs (unless you play us in the finals! ), I'm sure you guys will bounce out of this rough patch pretty soon.

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