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03-21-2012, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
You would rather the players, coach, GM and ownership see a form of apathy toward 40 + years of no cup final hockey? 8 years of not PO games,? all the while paying the highest average tickets prices in the history of the NHL?

Let me tell you what we should be worried about seeing and that is no reaction to utter failure.
How many Leafs games do you attend each year? Don't bring up ticket prices because you don't go to 41 home games a year and buy 19,000+ tickets a game so you really don't need to concern yourself with prices. When you decide to cover the costs for my entertainment and everyone else who attends Leafs games, maybe then you can condescendingly lecture me and the rest on how we should enjoy the activities we pay to see. I respect someone's freedom to boo and just because I don't do the same doesn't mean I judge them for it. So you don't like that people aren't all mindless sheep that will do something because everyone else is? Well tough luck for you.

I don't feel any obligation to do something that is unnatural and uncomfortable to me. That isn't how I am and it doesn't make me any less of a fan or care any less about wanting to see the team win. If holding protests outside of the ACC and mercilessly booing players on home ice is the extent you're willing to go as a fan, then that's fine but that's not me.

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