Thread: PGT: Tank on Habs lose 3-0
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03-21-2012, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by blueinmtl View Post
Why bother asking? Just go at him, if he turtles so be it.

That's Laraquian stuff by RW, disappointing. Someone get the man a steak.
to be fair, I think it had something to do with Shanahan's pre-game tweet. He might have come down on White for starting **** with him even though it would have been well within the confines of the "rules".

Then again, I also agree with what RC said when asked about Myers, which is that he's paid his fine and he legitimately regretted his reckless play. If you listened to his (Myers') response to the suspension, you might agree. I think it's more important to police the real cheapshots that sometimes aren't as obvious.

What do you guys think of Staubitz in the role that he's been put? He's definitely not a big guy but will fight when called upon. That's great and all, but I really don't want to see a Hab lose a fight every game just for the hell of it. Kudos to Staubitz for doing the job, but if we're going to have to get a fighter, can we get a better one? I actually don't even think Staubitz is that bad of a hockey player for a fighter. Minny fans said he's atrocious. Not that much worse than some of our 3rd line and isn't incompetent with the puck nor without it. White also falls in the "will fight, still a middleweight" category. I'm not saying we NEED a fighter, but that's asking a lot from those two (or just White if staubitz is gone after this year) given they'll be targets.

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