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03-21-2012, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Go For It View Post
I'm sorry, but this is the same reasoning behind the Briere and Pronger deals, and we've seen the results those deals have brought us. Great while they're productive, but once they start to tail off (Pronger towards the beginning of the season) or just completely implode (Briere), they become a huge problem.

Also, those of you saying "If X gets a cup, I'll be satisfied with the deal," many people said that about the 2008 Phillies team. That lasted about a year.
Pronger and Briere have led us to within two games of the Cup. I dont care how cumbersome their contracts become, it has been worth it.

And Pronger can very easily be LTIR'd, and Briere's contract will be over before he becomes too bad. Besides, he's had a bad year...the last time he had a bad year, he broke records in the playoffs. He might not turn the switch again, but it's still pretty early before you start calling the contract a mistake. As far as I'm concerned, the Briere contract has definitely been a success.

All I care about is being competitive for the Cup. If this team wins a Cup with Bryz as its starter, the contract is worth it. Period. We gave him the money and th term because we desperately needed a talented goalie. Well, if he plays like a talented goalie, and he solves the issue of the team being "good, but not good enough", then I'll be satisfied.

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