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03-21-2012, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by juantimer View Post
Obviously it's not required for a steal, all that is required of a steal is for the goalie's team to get outplayed, yet win as the sole result of his efforts. However we have seen many goalies make unsavable saves, and we have seen many golden chances turn into near-misses because game-stealing goalies get into peoples' heads.

EDIT: That Seguin goal was 99.5% unsavable probably, however it is worth noting that it was physically possible for Niemi to have saved that. His glove hand, however, is nowhere near good enough to make a circus save there.

The puck is arriving at Seguin in this image. Seguin roofed it but he did shoot toward the middle of the net, and it went over Niemi's glove.
there is nobody in the league past or present that has the glove hand that good enough. that goal is scored 10 times out of 10 on every single goalie past and present.

the only way that goal is ever stopped is if the goalie comes back from the future multiple times to try every single scenario that could of happened on that play to realize just what the best way to stop that puck would be.

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