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Originally Posted by Kritter471 View Post
What types of things do you guys like to do? Dallas is a metro area of almost 7 million people, so there's plenty of things out there to waste your time on.

Also, where are you staying in town, will you be renting a car and how long are you willing to drive to get to stuff?
So, usually we make it into a few day road trip and see some sights along with hockey. This trip is a little different because I'm squeezing it in during some training that I'm being sent to TX for at work.

We're staying up in Frisco, TX.

Flying in on 4/2 with my Cousin, we'll have the whole afternoon and night.
4/3 5:00PM on will be free (Game Day)
4/4 Cousin flies home to CA, I stay in TX until 4/5 (Class 9-5PM)

I'll have a rental car as long as he's here. After that I'm work carpooling with a few other guys.

Since we're kind of short on time this trip, I guess I would just ask what one or two things does someone need to see/eat on a quick trip to TX?

We don't mind driving some distance to get to a place that's worth it, last year we flew into Calgary, drove straight up to Edmonton (3 hours), saw the game, drove back down to Calgary and saw the game there the next night. Driving is no big deal.

I like to have a few beers, my cousin likes to check out the touristy sights.

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