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03-22-2012, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post

However, we are not a bottom feeder team. With Markov healthy and other big and small pieces back from injuries (Gionta, Moen, Darche), this team is surely at least a middle of the pack team.
Look again. If we don't have a major influx of talent during the summer, we're not going to be any better next season.

Patches DD Cole
Palushaj Pleks Gionta
LeBlanc Eller Bourque
Moen White Blunden


Markov Emelin
Georges Subban
Diaz Kaberle

Gionta needs to go while his value can still bring in something. We need two wingers for Pleks. I don't know how that third line can compete. Le Blanc needs time to develop in the A. Bourque has shown nothing. So we need another two wingers for Eller. Hurray we finally have a 4th line.

On defense we need to ship out Kaberle and bring in at least a 4th d-man although Suter would be nice.

So we need at least two wingers - preferably 4 - and a top d-man. Otherwise, we will be a lottery pick team next year.

And we haven't got much to work with. Gainey/Gauthier have screwed up big time.

Going after Parise & Suter would be a nice start. That only gets us 2 of the 5 pieces we need.

We would have to trade Kaberle, Weber & Gionta for those 3 other pieces. Good luck with that.

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