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03-22-2012, 06:35 AM
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There is nothing wrong with expressing concern over the saftey of the players in the league. But that concern is targetted in the wrong areas of the game.

Fighting is probably as safe as it's ever going to get. The refs jump in at any oppertunity to ensure that the players are ok. Not to mention that every single person in the game is watching the two guys drop the gloves. Thats not to mention that designated fighters are a thing of the past. Back in the day when enforcers could keep players like Cooke, Rinaldo, Carcillo ect out of the league.

The role of the fighter is being kept up by possibly 4-5 teams in the league, and even then, the fanbase doesn't want a player who can't skate, puck handle and shoot. Look at Shelley as an example. He dresses for less than half the games in the season, he fights in less than half of those, and the fanbase hates him as a player. Teams are soon dropping these guys in favour of players who "can" fight, but also play the puck.

This thread is typical of every non-conformist opinion. 3 guys doing the posting for the millions of people that apparently support their cause. It's always the same gig. Pulling facts like " 50-50 split" out of mid air to support their cause. It's often done in extreme.

Whoever posted about the enforcers deaths is bang on. The media takes a story and twists and turns it into anything they want. They know that it's a controversial issue so they can't wait to drum up stories. Take a look at the papers talking about Muamba right now. Now there is talk about every child requiring medical screening before they will be allowed to play sports. Not that it will ever happen.

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