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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Then you havent been paying attention. Im pro fight, but not in every league. i dont want minor hockey players to fight, but we are talking about the nhl, a league that has fights since its inception and has a historical element for more than a century.

You cannot describe the nhl without fights. The idea that there was a time when the game was pure and fighting did not exist is a lie perpetrated by your anti fight bretheren. If fights have been around as long as goals and saves in the nhl and has been retained for more than 100 years, how is this not inegral.
If you like hockey and dont like fights you have many alternatives. Insisting that the nhl game should betray the players the overwhelming number of fans because YOU would like it better is a level of self centeredness that would draw scorn in any venue.

If you became a fan of the nhl, you became a fan of a league with fights. To feign ignorace of this as a platform for some fake sense of outrage seems a little disingenuous to me.

I dont like shootouts, i wish they would go away but they are part of the game now. Does this mean I wont watch games because of the shootouts ? Of course not, the overall game is still great even with one or two parts that I could do without. Why do the antifighting crowd think that every aspect of the game must be tailored to maximize their enjoyment ?

If you dont like the fights turn away, in two minutes the greatest game on gods green earth will start again. Is this concession too much to ask?
Don't even know where to start with this? Fighting has always been in hockey? Really? Really? No, it has not my friend. Fighting come into hockey around in the 20s' but the fights were few a far between. We're talking very few fights here, maybe 1 in every 10-15 games, plus they not play 82 games back then, they played any where from 29 to 44 games. 30s' were pretty much the same thing and as for the era of the 1942 to 1966/67 season, there was fighting but nothing like today. Fighting in hockey really didn't come full boar until the 70s' but they also stick swinging and other things going on. In the 80s and 90s though we started to get players who could do one thing and that is fight. So the answer is kill off the goon and fighting will go down. It's not about killing off fighting it's about getting goons and staged fights out of hockey.

And the fact you don't want minor leaguers fighting is funny beyond belief. The AHL use to be goon city, bench clearly brawls, fights every minute and so on. The ECHL and all those minor league us to goon city also. The NHL was tame with there stickings swinging and fights.

No, I became a fan of hockey and the NHL for it's fighting but for the skill of the game. I did not sign up for goons with no skill who have more minutes in the box than on the ice.

I signed up for the Sergei Fedorovs, Brett Hulls, Wayne Gretzkys, Patrick Roys and Jaromir Jagrs. That my friend is what I signed up for.

And to say fighting is part of the game and it must be in the game, please.... World Championships, Olympics(best hockey ever),World JR Championships. People would say those are that some of the best hockey you will see played and there is no fighting.

What about the NHL playoffs? fighting in the playoffs is limited and there is not much of it and when there is fighting it normally kills the flow of game. Everyone likes playoff hockey and the fights are limited and normally as the number of team do down and pressure is turned up, the fights drop.

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