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Originally Posted by Landeskog View Post
Don't even know where to start with this? Fighting has always been in hockey? Really? Really? No, it has not my friend. Fighting come into hockey around in the 20s' but the fights were few a far between. We're talking very few fights here, maybe 1 in every 10-15 games, plus they not play 82 games back then, they played any where from 29 to 44 games. 30s' were pretty much the same thing and as for the era of the 1942 to 1966/67 season, there was fighting but nothing like today. Fighting in hockey really didn't come full boar until the 70s' but they also stick swinging and other things going on. In the 80s and 90s though we started to get players who could do one thing and that is fight. So the answer is kill off the goon and fighting will go down. It's not about killing off fighting it's about getting goons and staged fights out of hockey.

And the fact you don't want minor leaguers fighting is funny beyond belief. The AHL use to be goon city, bench clearly brawls, fights every minute and so on. The ECHL and all those minor league us to goon city also. The NHL was tame with there stickings swinging and fights.
Nhl rule 56, inception 1922. This is the rule for a major for fighting. In the 20s and 30s when players fought they often would not drop the cloves but go all out stick fights, is this what you want to return to? Really ? Wont your pacifist freinds be shocked?

The 70s certainly had their fair share of scraps, but the 50s and sixties were no picnic. If fighting keeps the stick fights down, i am good with that.

And minor hockey means kids playing for fun, the way most of us came to learn to lovebthe game, not major junior or the echl.

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